The Best Astrology Software of 2016 – 2017

Astrology was once considered a scholarly practice. Centuries ago, different cultures studied the stars and planets alongside alchemy, medicine and other sciences. Astrological charts were created and used for insight into coming events for Earth and its occupants. Today, astrologers take information about their clients and study charts to give a person a look at themselves through a cosmic lens. Astrologers say these charts not only give insight into who they are but also provide guidance in life.

Astrological charts are complicated, though, and many factors must be considered, including time, date, time zone and calendar changes. To do this manually, you would have to study techniques developed by astrologers, which could take years to learn. Astrology software eliminates the protracted time involved in consulting multiple sources and the need for extensive education because in most cases, you simply type in the information each chart requires, and the software calculates everything for you.

Best Astrology Software Overall

Solar Fire is one of the best series of astrology software available. It includes several astrology techniques and zodiacs so you can explore and find one that fits your philosophy. You can even animate charts to see how the planets and stars move in relation to your sign. Through point-and-click interpretations, you can quickly learn astrology terms and how they relate to each other.

Solar Fire is an astrology software series developed by Esoteric Technologies, an astrology software developer from Australia. Solar Fire includes beautiful charts with detailed interpretations, an astrological calendar and enhanced predictive tools.

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Best Software for Beginners

Another software series that makes education one of its biggest features is TimePassages. In addition to having many of the same grids and charts as more expensive astrology software, TimePassages includes educational material. You can hover over any of the chart features to reveal an explanation of what it is. Also, you can click on those same chart features for the interpretation.

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